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Celsis AutoSampler Provides High Capacity Rapid Microbial Screening Solution

The Celsis AutoSampler, a high-throughput, robotic sampling unit for the Celsis Innovate™ rapid microbial screening system for the dairy and beverage industry, is now available globally. By automating the few manual processes used in the Celsis rapid detection process, each AutoSampler enables companies to test up to 500 samples per hour while reducing human error.

"The AutoSampler provides us with a high volume, rapid and efficient testing system for our dairy products," said Dr Johan Roeygens, DC Quality Control of FrieslandCampina. "It not only allows us to meet our customer demands more effectively, as we can release product sooner, but also ensures our product quality and safety. The barcode reader provides a perfect track and trace system for our controlled samples." Dr Roeygens also added, "In addition we have found that the AutoSampler has a lot of flexibility as it is able to run test samples from different packaging designs, including cartons of varying volumes, bottles and coffee milk cups."

The AutoSampler integrates seamlessly with the Innovate luminometer instrument, software and Celsis RapiScreen™ reagents to deliver a rapid microbial system that is rugged and easy to use with unmatched detection sensitivity.

The Innovate system provides manufacturers with microbial test results in as few as 48 hours, compared to 4-14 days with traditional methods, enabling them to release product to market faster as well as shortening production cycles and unlocking huge operational savings.

The AutoSampler, which carries the CE quality mark, can take up to 500 reproducible samples per hour from any pipettable sample size UHT/ESL packaged products. Samples are automatically pipetted into microtiter plates, which are bar coded for fast identification, and then analysed by the Celsis Innovate instrument. Sample data is transferred to the software, which can be fully integrated with local LIMS.

"Dairy, food and beverage manufacturers with high testing volume will appreciate the added speed of the automated sampling unit," said Scott Scdoris, Director of Food & Beverage for Celsis. "It also improves employee productivity by freeing up personnel from repetitive pipetting."

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