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Roka Bioscience Atlas™ System Supports Efficient, Innovative Food Pathogen Testing At QC Laboratories

Roka Bioscience announced today adoption of the Atlas System at QC Laboratories, Inc. (QCL) in Horsham, Pennsylvania. QCL, a leading analytical testing laboratory providing services to the environmental, dairy, food and pharmaceutical industries, has implemented the Atlas System along with the Atlas Listeria Detection Assay and the Atlas Salmonella Detection Assay, both of which have received AOAC-RI certification.

The Atlas System is an innovative fully automated molecular instrument for the detection of pathogens in food and environmental samples. This instrument utilizes a simple three-step procedure--Enrich, Transfer, Automate--and is capable of processing over 300 samples in 8 hours. The system's continuous workflow and high throughput provides greater efficiency, flexibility, and dynamic scalability to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on food safety laboratories.

QCL plans to use the Atlas System as the key component in a new "innovative service offering" for sample testing that will allow greater efficiencies and faster turn-around times.

Mark Carter, CEO of QCL, explained, "This technology provides unique flexibility and workflow capabilities that enable us to explore alternative business models. We are able to provide a rapid turn-around time and improved accuracy to our customers in a cost-effective manner. We will be highlighting the Atlas System in our new 28,000 square foot Life Sciences Facility, in Horsham, Pennsylvania."

"We are so pleased that QCL chose the Atlas System," said Paul Thomas, CEO and President of Roka Bioscience. "Working with QCL to discover the most efficient use of the Atlas System in their organization underscores Roka Bioscience's individualized, customer-centric approach to food safety testing technology. We are excited to continue our partnership and support QCL in realizing the full benefits the Atlas System can bring to their food safety testing."

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