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Molnlycke Unveils Instant Test for Bacterial Infections

Molnlycke has introduced an innovative new test for detecting bacterial infections such as MRSA that performs faster than any currently available technology.

Developed in association with the University of Edinburgh, the rapid point-of-care testing option uses swabs taken from wounds or sores, which are analysed using a strip with electrical sensors to detect harmful bacteria, reports the Scotsman.

Whereas current methods involve samples being sent off to a centralised or outsourced lab for time-consuming tests, this new solution can deliver results while the patient is still going through the admittance procedure.

It will be trialled at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and is expected to save valuable time and money for hospitals.

Russell McCraith, managing director of Molnlycke Health Care Scotland, said: "It will improve the efficiency of the hospital with a better patient flow - they will receive care much more quickly without spreading the infections to other patients in the interim."

The collaboration with Scottish Enterprise and Edinburgh University was signed last month and has seen the company set up a new subsidiary in the Edinburgh BioQuarter.


  1. This is good news then. The technology to differentiate a specific infection whether bacterial or viral is essential in appropriate medical intervention thus faster recovery.

    Carl Reynolds

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