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MedMira to Submit Cutting-Edge Rapid HIV Test for WHO Prequalification

MedMira Inc. will submit a new application for its most advanced Reveal Rapid HIV Antibody Test (Reveal HIV) to the WHO Prequalification of Diagnostics Programme. The latest version of Reveal HIV, recently approved in the European Union, delivers faster and more convenient point-of-care testing in the field through its simplified test procedure and the direct use of whole blood specimens. These new features are also in the Reveal and Multiplo products currently being commercialized in preparation for FDA submission.

The MedMira management team made the decision to submit its most advanced Reveal HIV test to the WHO for prequalification based on the company's commitment to offer state-of-the-art technology and testing solutions to every corner of the world. Prequalification of the latest Reveal HIV format will also enable MedMira's global strategic partners to bring the best technology and products to all markets where care providers and patients can benefit from faster, more cost-effective testing solutions. As MedMira rolls out this advanced version of Reveal HIV around the globe, legacy products will be phased out and the company will no longer support previous versions of the test, including the format originally submitted to the WHO for prequalification.

"Healthcare providers around the world are demanding the most advanced technology that qualified rapid test developers have to offer in order to meet the increasing need for screening tools that help prevent and control the spread of deadly diseases like HIV. By submitting Reveal HIV, built on the latest advances in our Rapid Vertical Flow Technology, for prequalification, MedMira is answering the WHO's call for state-of-the art, innovative products needed in their programs," said Hermes Chan, CEO, MedMira Inc.

Chan added, "Cost efficiency combined with high quality tests are critical to all government and non-government organizations running testing programs. MedMira is creating new modelling tools to help care providers optimize their program outputs and maximize available budgets, especially important in regions where large scale screening programs have the most impact. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive testing solution that includes the most advanced diagnostic technology, the highest quality tests, and optimization tools to save lives."

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