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PrimusLabs Strengthens Commitment To Food Safety Testing With Adoption Of Roka Bioscience's Atlas System

Roka Bioscience announced today the adoption of the Atlas System by PrimusLabs, which is headquartered in Santa Maria, California. PrimusLabs has made the technologically advanced pathogen detection system an integral part of the infrastructure in each of its United States microbiological laboratories in California, Arizona, and Florida as well as its lab in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. PrimusLabs is a food safety company specializing in fresh produce and offers microbiological testing as well as pesticide residue analyses, auditing services, education and online tools, and data management.  It has implemented the Atlas System for all fresh produce commodities.

The Atlas System is a fully automated molecular system that enhances the accuracy and efficiency of food safety testing through the detection of molecular pathogens. PrimusLabs has invested in this technologically advanced system on behalf of its clients.

PrimusLabs, the single point of contact among the fresh produce industry’s leading producers, packers and procurers for food safety audits, micro and pesticide residue testing, and data management, provides the knowledge, training, and customer service to help clients confidently supply and process food products that meet buyer’s demands.

Roka Bioscience is a molecular diagnostics company focused on developing and commercializing advanced testing solutions for the food safety testing market. Our Atlas Detection Assays incorporate our advanced molecular technologies and are performed on our “sample-in, result-out” Atlas System that automates all aspects of molecular diagnostic testing on a single, integrated platform. The Atlas System and Detection Assays are designed to provide our customers with accurate and rapid test results with reduced labor costs and improved laboratory efficiencies.

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