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Miacom Diagnostics Partners with Fosun Diagnostics to Market Molecular Pathogen Detection Assays

miacom diagnostics GmbH announced that Fosun Diagnostics, the diagnostic division of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical, teams up with miacom Diagnostics to bring its molecular beacon based diagnostic assays to the Chinese and Asian markets. Miacom´s proprietary multiplex assays used for the detection of Sepsis- and Pneumonia-related pathogens are easy to use and will further complement Fosun´s diagnostic portfolio.

“Providing a tool for a reliable and rapid diagnostic of pathogens from positive blood cultures and respiratory samples will remarkably improve the patients’ outcome,” said Ted Zhu, General Manager of Fosun Diagnostics, “Combining miacom´s assay with Fosun´s experience in the Asian markets will have a great impact in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.”

The miacom assay combines a new way of sample handling with a specific optical marking of the pathogenic agents aiming for an identification and differentiation of various bacteria in 30 minutes. The assay can be easily implemented in nearly every laboratory since it does not require complicated hardware or special environment conditions.

“We are very proud to have a strong partner with Fosun Diagnostics which have a tremendous presence and experience in the in-vitro diagnostics marketplace”, said Dr. Mirko Stange, CEO of miacom diagnostics GmbH, “Having such partners in Asia makes a wide-spread distribution of our products in the Asian market feasible. We believe that this partnership will further strengthen our position in other markets as well.” Currently, Fosun Diagnostics is planning to build an FDA compliant, large-scale production facility. This will dramatically reduce the production costs of miacom’s products and drive the competitive advantage for the company also in the European and American markets.

At the upcoming annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) in Chicago both companies will share a booth so that interested parties can learn more how this partnership will facilitate the work of laboratory managers and ICU doctors.

About miacom diagnostics

Miacom diagnostics specializes in in vitro diagnostic tests for pathogens causing acute systemic diseases. All kits enable a simultaneous detection of clinically relevant pathogens directly from specimens, and deliver results within 30 minutes. In Europe, Miacom has already commercialized several rapid tests, including diagnostic tools for important systemic infectious diseases such as sepsis and pneumonia. All kits are designed as affordable multiplex tests that detect and differentiate up to 14 bacterial targets on a single microscope slide.

About Fosun Diagnostics

Fosun Diagnostics is one of the largest IVD manufacturers and distributors in China with products covering the four segments of In-Vitro Diagnostics: Biochemistry, Molecular Diagnostics,Microbiology and Immunology. With 28 local sales offices around China and in excess of 150 sales engineers, Fosun Diagnostics has successfully expanded its business national wide with as high profile presence in the domestic market.

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