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Vivione Signs Strategic Alliance Agreement with IEH and Launches New Oil and Gas Rapid Microbial Contamination Detection Opportunities

Vivione Biosciences Inc. (the “Corporation”), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Vivione Biosciences, LLC, announced today that it has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Institute for Environmental Health, Inc (“IEH”), a Washington-based lab service provider, to handle all laboratory testing for the Corporation’s new oil and gas service offerings.

IEH is an internationally renowned microbiological laboratory network of 119 locations with experience in the food, agriculture and analytical chemistry industries. The strategic alliance with IEH will provide Vivione with access to IEH’s 119 locations, technology, personnel and infrastructure. When coupled with Vivione’s RAPID-B system, the new strategic alliance provides the companies with a new service opportunity in the oil and gas sector that is unrivaled.

The new product offerings are especially significant in the oil and gas sector, where the economic and environmental impact of microbial contamination is an ever-present concern. The new diagnostic tests co-developed by IEH and Vivione can reduce producers’ costs by accurately and rapidly diagnosing the bacteria issues that could potentially cost producers hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

“The strategic alliance with IEH agreement is a big win for us,” said Vivione’s Chief Executive Officer Kevin Kuykendall. “IEH has over 13 years of experience operating 119 labs around the world, which gives us access to facilities and necessary personnel to support our new product offerings. As part of the strategic alliance, we will market the new oil and gas products under the name of Petro Chemical Bio-Diagnostics.”

Mansour Samadpour, Chief Executive Officer of IEH, said, “We are excited to be working with Vivione on these new product offerings. Both companies have had success in the microbiology field and have worked in food service. We believe our new suite of product offerings will provide customers with the necessary diagnostic information to reduce their exposure to microbial contaminations that are costing the industry millions annually. Petro Chemical Bio-Diagnostics is the first suite of offerings we’ve seen that provides valuable information, specifically identifying the type of bacteria that are in wells and which biocides will have the greatest efficacy. We believe this solution will meet the growing needs of microbial detection within the oil and gas industry.”

Vivione’s RAPID-B system provides a universal platform that allows companies to rapidly detect and evaluate solutions for microbial contamination within the food, bio-therapeutics, clinical and, now, oil and gas industries. This system provides companies with real-time diagnostics which quickly and accurately identify and enumerate pathogens in different products and environments. Through the launch of the Corporation’s three new products, the Well Characterization Test (WCT), Bio-Treatment Efficacy Test (BET) and Total Bacteria Count (TBC), producers will be able to make more informed decisions regarding types and quantities of biocides to use in their specific oil and gas wells.

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