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Vivione Biosciences Inc. Receives AOAC Certification, Positions Brand for Fast Growth in Food Industry

Vivione Biosciences Inc. (“Vivione”), through its wholly owned subsidiary Vivione Biosciences, LLC, is proud to announce that it has received AOAC (Association of Analytical Communities) certification for its E. coli O157 and Non O157 STEC diagnostic tests for the RAPID-B platform. This is Vivione’s first AOAC certification for its RAPID-B platform, whose technology has the ability to accurately detect a contamination issue in seven hours or less.

“We are extremely pleased to have been awarded this globally recognized certification,” said Kevin Kuykendall, CEO of Vivione. “Our technology is one of the fastest diagnostic tests on the market for E-coli O157 and Non O157 STEC. We believe it represents a new generation of tests for producers looking for increased sensitivity, accuracy and speed, with the added benefit of enumerating the bacterial load. Although we’ve had great interest in our technology over the past two years, now that we have AOAC certification, producers are able to purchase the RAPID-B platform to be used for a variety of applications, from incoming inventory analysis to end product testing.”

The RAPID-B platform offers results in seven hours or less, which is of great significance when comparing it to other diagnostic testing platforms that take 24 hours or more to produce results. These benefits are both economically significant and potentially life-saving. After almost eight years in development with National Center for Toxicological Research, Vivione is excited to finally bring these tests to market with AOAC certification. The AOAC certification is the premiere standard for the food industry, particularly the beef industry. Food producers look for the AOAC standard when selecting new platforms and bacterial contamination tests.

Achieving this milestone, Vivione’s RAPID-B E. coli O157 and Non O157 STEC tests are positioned to become one of the “go-to” tests used within the food industry. More importantly, these tests provide producers with something that they have not had access to prior to today: a test that can deliver increased sensitivity, while also significantly reducing the time needed to receive clear test results. The ability to undertake and report upon a test, beginning with the receipt and preparation of the sample through to the final analysis, in seven hours or less instead of the customary 24, stands to allow food producers to get their products to market faster while reducing potential recall risk.

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