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Atlas Genetics Enters Into Diagnostic Collaboration With a Major Pharmaceutical Company

Atlas Genetics Ltd ("Atlas Genetics" or the "Company"), the ultra-rapid 'test and treat' molecular diagnostics company, today announces that it has entered into a collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company to develop a diagnostic test, expanding capabilities beyond infectious diseases.

The io® system is a highly novel molecular diagnostic system developed initially for the ultra-rapid diagnosis of a broad range of infectious diseases. It is based on a patent-protected electrochemical sensor technology that combines speed, accuracy and low manufacturing costs.

The fully integrated cartridge contains all reagents on board and is designed to receive an unprocessed clinical specimen. The cartridge is then inserted into the reader instrument which then completes the three-stage process of sample preparation, DNA amplification and electrochemical detection. Each cartridge can carry out up to 24 different tests from a single patient sample. This new companion diagnostic collaboration is the first outside of infectious disease.

Dr John Clarkson, Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Genetics, commented: "We are delighted to be exploring this exciting new use of the io® system. Our superior multiplexing capability allows for significant future menu expansion across a range of disease indications. This new collaboration clearly demonstrates this flexibility and the wide ranging applicability of the Atlas Genetics io® system."

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