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T2 Biosystems Announces Presentation of Data at ASM 2011 Demonstrating Rapid Detection of Candida with Single-Process Magnetic Biosensor Test

T2 Biosystems, Inc., a company developing next generation diagnostic products, today announced that data from studies performed on the company’s novel magnetic resonance diagnostic platform will be presented at the 2011 General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM 2011), May 21- 24, 2011, in New Orleans, LA. The data to be presented highlight the efficacy, sensitivity, and utility of the company’s magnetic biosensor test in detecting the fungal pathogen Candida directly in whole blood from patients with the fungal infection, candidemia.

The data presented at ASM 2011 demonstrate how T2 Biosystems’ technology enables detection of multiple pathogens and species in a single-process test with rapid diagnostic results within minutes to under two hours. In comparison, today’s conventional diagnostic technologies use optical signals, require pre-processed biologic samples, and can take days to yield useful results. In addition, the data show that T2 Biosystems’ Candida test yields high sensitivity results through direct detection in whole blood, in contrast to the extraction and purification step required by conventional techniques which often lead to low yield of the analytical target and reduced overall sensitivity. By delivering results faster than these methods, T2 Biosystems’ technology can improve health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

Unlike current diagnostic tools, including culture-based diagnostic methods, which utilize optical signals and require preparation of a clean biologic sample, T2’s magnetic biosensor technology combines nanotechnology with the power of magnetic resonance detection. A “dirty sample” of a patient’s blood, saliva, urine or other biofluid is loaded directly into a desktop instrument via a disposable cartridge. The sample is then mixed with magnetic nanoparticles and analyzed for the presence of specific fungal, bacterial or viral pathogens or biomarkers using a technique similar to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The system is able to detect low concentrations of target agents or specific pathogens and present a result to the user within minutes to under two hours.

T2 Biosystems is disrupting the landscape of clinical diagnostics with its proprietary magnetic biosensor detection platform. The T2Dx platform enables healthcare professionals to save lives and reduce costs by providing sensitive, accurate, and rapid diagnostics results. The company’s products can detect any molecular or immunoassay target directly from unpurified clinical samples in hospitals, labs, and physicians’ offices. T2 Biosystems is located in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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