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Idaho Technology Inc. Delivers 10 Target BioThreat Detection Kit for US Military

Idaho Technology, Inc. (ITI) announced that it has delivered its first shipment of the RAZOR™ CRP BioThreat-X Kits to the Critical Reagents Program (CRP) which supplies test reagents to the US military. The RAZOR CRP BioThreat-X Kit represents the first US Department of Defense (DoD) system capable of testing for 10 biothreat agents at one time in the field with results available in 30 minutes. The RAZOR CRP BioThreat-X Kit contains polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays developed in US DoD laboratories. These assays are packaged and freeze-dried in ITI’s patented pouch system that is designed specifically to run on the RAZOR™ BioThreat Detection System platform. In addition to testing for 10 biothreat targets, the RAZOR CRP BioThreat-X Kit includes a PCR inhibition control and amplification control that confirms proper system operation. ITI’s RAZOR™ and RAZOR™ EX instruments provide reliable and sensitive field biothreat detection capabilities that are easy to use.

The detection kit was developed at the direction of the CRP, the principal resource of biological detection assays and reagents for the US DoD. The 18-month joint effort involved evaluating existing US Government assays, optimizing them for the RAZOR System and transitioning for manufacture. “Idaho Technology is fully committed to collaborating with the US Military to enhance its biological threat detection capabilities in support of the warfighter, and this project is a good example of the many joint efforts between Idaho Technology and the US Government,” says Kirk Ririe, Idaho Technology’s CEO. The RAZOR CRP BioThreat-X will be available for purchase to cleared agencies through the CRP catalog.

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